ING Direct People and Progress (Broker naranja) –

Agile and free tools to get more out of the bag.To operate


  • Operates from any device.
  • Advanced orders.
  • Free Alerts.
  • Favorites.

To follow the market:


  • Daily and weekly reports from the analysts of Rent 4.
  • Real time in Spanish Stock Exchange.
  • Free interactive platform.


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No doubt, perfect service, exceptional responsiveness.

Do like me do not hesitate to take the plunge, I had enough to pay monthly the pack imposed by my bank for services virtually non existent …
I hesitated but it is a serious bank, I do not see the difference with the traditional banks except that in them all is free (except a few special acts but little used)


Very good!. I have been a client of this bank for five years and I have not had any problems. All the fast managements and the perfect customer service.

I have been with them for more than four years and at first I was delighted, very good performance and good profitability. I do not think they work wrong but they are not what they were and profitability can not be called that way 0’10%.

Very good!. From the first moment everything has been very easy.

It is a wonder. I have it for years, and I love to see how each month they pay me a little more. I’m a big fan of ING !!!

I have been a customer of ING since February of last year, I am delighted. There is no comparison with traditional banking that only cling to charging commissions and impediments when managing your money.
ING is a bank to recommend to anyone.

Et c’est déjà une star … mais il faut le mettre pour écrire. Malheureusement, le service offert en Espagne … en Hollande, ce sera mieux (je pense) … mon cas est un peu long à raconter, je le résume … N’OUVREZ PAS DE COMPTE OU NE FAITES AUCUNE OPERATION AVEC CES INCOMPÉTENTS !!!

Es verdient nicht einmal den ersten Stern
Heute bekomme ich mit meiner ING-Goldkarte 300 € an einem BAnkia-Geldautomaten
Auf dem Kassenbildschirm erscheint der Text, dass Bankia € 0,65 an ING überweist, aber ING mir für diesen Vorgang nichts in Rechnung stellt
Bald erhalte ich eine Fintonic Wasap, die mir mitteilt, dass meine Bank (ING) eine Provision in Höhe von 9 € für die Auszahlung des Kredits berechnet hat (¿???)
Schon mo um eine Erklärung anzufordern, da auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt wird, dass es keine Provision gibt.

La página web y la app son lamentables… de cada 10 veces que intentas entrar 8 veces no funciona, lo cual para una banco online es inadmisible!

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