Seaport Securities

Seaport Securities Corp. was founded in 1979 from the floor of the NYSE to provide investors deep discounts in brokerage commissions, without sacrificing service or good executions. Seaport Securities Corp. is a member of the New York Stock Exchange. Our founder and president was active on the trading floor of the stock exchange for 46 years. Since our founding Seaport Securities Corp. has assembled a team of highly trained professionals to serve our client’s investing and trading needs.


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In my opinion they are a good option if you take into account all the different financial products offered by the company, without a doubt it has an interesting variety, in other aspects I really have no complaints. A good experience, if the benefits are taken into account.

Hanson Liusays:

Seaport Securities is a discount online broker that was founded back in 1979 from the floor of the NYSE with the intention of providing self-directed traders deep discounts in commissions while still maintaining excellent executions and customer service. They offer the normal basket of instruments to invest in including: equities, options, bonds, Treasuries, ETFs and Mutual Funds.

The platform of this broker seemed less than impressive and definitely does not meet my needs of an active operator. There are no shortcut key skills, direct access to the market and the mapping is slow and basic.

Alfredo Ringsays:

In general, Seaport Securities is a decent broker for operators and casual investors, but there is no way to recommend them for active operators.

I do not recommend it. Their commissions are too high and their platform is too slow and they lack important features such as hotkeys and direct market access to compensate for their high price.

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