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Windsor is the largest broker based on capital, and the fourth largest financial company in CyprusWindsor’s capital adequacy ratio stands at 59%, which is 7 times more than what is required by the regulators which is set at 8%


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It is one of hundreds of offshore forex brokers with commercial conditions and lax regulations not so attractive. There is no single reason to choose it instead of a properly regulated broker: many of them offer better commercial conditions, in addition to better regulatory protection.

Trading conditions are acceptable, especially in the fact that it offers a wide variety of accounts and products, including stock CFDs.

Windsor Brokers offers services and investment activities to its clients since 1988. Windsor Brokers (BZ) Ltd is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission in Belize, and offers its services in the rest of the world, except the USA. UU., EU and Belize.

Ernesto Sendsays:

Overall experience, everything works fine for me. The connection is excellent, the customer service works well. But I never made any deposit or withdrawal, so I can never say anything about these particular points.

I recommend not trading currencies unless you have millions of dollars and ability to buy. Windsor Broker will also keep your money if you operate with a lower amount. They are scammers in every way. Avoid them at all costs.

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